Beauty Prediction: 2017 Trends Set To Take The Year By Storm

Stay ahead of the curve with our beauty forecast for 2017, from the runway straight to you.

1. Braids and Plaits

Regardless of length or hair type, braids and plaits no longer have to be overly complicated – for a casual day style a soft, half-up/half-down ‘do is ideal, or vary width and style of braid and blend your favorites. Braids will be a strong contender in the styling stakes this year!

2. Soft Smudged Eyes

The smokey eye isn’t going anywhere anytime fast, but expect gentle, blended tones to be the new black next year.

Think earthy tones that can be pressed onto the center of your eyelid and smudged outwards.

3. Glitter Lips

With a touch of onstage magic, shimmering lips will be having their moment in 2017. With Pat McGrath releasing her glitter lip kits, look out for some everyday sparkle on celebrity pouts.

This look doesn’t have to be high maintenance – ask your LUXit makeup artist for some glitter gloss to top of your favorite lip colour or go all out with cosmetic-grade glitter pigment pressed onto a matte lip.

4. Clean Skin

Lock in your customised LUXit facial to flaunt 2017’s bare skin trend. Embrace your natural complexion by perfecting your skin with professional grade treatments and products, backed up by SPF 30 every day.

Top with a natural base like tinted moisturiser!

What’s your favorite beauty trend of 2016, and what’s on your beauty menu for the year ahead?



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