Hyperlocal In Hyperdrive

The Uber of beauty is at your door, and it’s closer than you think.

Sliding into the marketing vernacular in around 2009, ‘hyper local’ is the buzz word that has stuck around, but it’s really nothing new. Targeting a specific geographic area for your business, service or product makes sense, and it’s a time-trusted method of growing your business.

It’s the perfect springboard where from to prove your worth to potential investors, customise your service to the needs of your core areas and target market, and the ideal process to polish your craft and hone your skills before launching on a larger scale.

Customers appreciate the ability to connect with local companies, and in a digital world, it’s all too easy to jump online wherever you are and locate nearby businesses to get in touch. For smaller businesses without extensive marketing budgets, hyper local marketing is a great way to make a splash.

Working arm-in-arm with hyper local marketing is mobile. It’s crucial to ensure that if you don’t have an app accompanying your website, that your mobile site is optimised for mobile devices – don’t expect your usual website to work on a much smaller scale. Customers can quickly engage with you via their smartphones, so market your mobile communications with offers that utilise your local base and encourage a dialogue.

Originating in Bondi, Sydney, LUXit is Australia’s forerunner for mobile beauty and wellbeing services, and has captured its audience with hyper local marketing from the get go. Like Uber but for beauty services, LUXit allows users to book on-demand, at-home spray tans, makeup application and spray tan using the LUXit App. This means you can have a professional at your door within the hour – and LUXit began its door to door service focusing on key suburbs of the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD.

Making their mark on community newspapers, Facebook groups, radio stations, magazines, mother’s groups, local hotels, charities and businesses as well as utilising service providers from their core Eastern Suburbs and CBD suburbs, LUXit now has their sights set on greater Sydney and a Melbourne launch in Spring.

At the heart of hyper local marketing is the ability to get face to face with your customers, become educated about the desires of your target market and adjust your digital marketing accordingly. While it may be re-labeled, it appears the “old fashioned” hyper local marketing is here to stay.

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