Our 5 Ultimate Tips for Clear Skin in 2017

It’s common knowledge now that breakouts don’t just affect teenagers. Blemishes can be stressful to conceal and heal, so we’ve got your foolproof guide to clearer skin to ring in the new year.

1. Watch The Clock

Using any cleanser you prefer, ensure you cleanse your skin for 60 seconds or more, allowing the product to really make contact with your skin. If you wear makeup daily, try a double cleanse to remove any pigment and the end of the day.

2. Keep It Simple

Breakout-prone skin will often react very well to one or two quality products, and very badly to a whole medicine cabinet full of serums, creams and ointments. If in doubt, go without! Give your skin a holiday by letting it breath for a few days.

3. Don’t Get Physical

A manual exfoliant (like facial scrubs) can feel great on the skin in the moment but lead to heartache down the line. More often than not, these scrubs have uneven exfoliants inside (I’m looking at you, apricot shell!) which create tiny tears in the skin as you scrub, leaving your face open for bacteria.

Instead, opt for a chemical exfoliant with BHA or AHA to gently remove dead skin and lift stubborn pigmentation from old breakouts.

4. Hands Off!

While tempting, touching, purging or picking your skin while it’s experiencing a breakout is the worst thing you can do! If you’re feeling the urge, try a soothing clay mask to cover the affected area and keep it out of sight and mind.

5. Go Oil-Free

While topical oils can be hydrating and soothing on skin, ingested oil (especially from fried food) is linked to acne, so keep an eye on your oil intake and eat your fat from healthy sources like nuts and seeds.

Enjoy a beautiful start to the New Year.


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