Relax, It’s Good For You: Benefits Of Massage For Overall Health by LUXit

A massage might seem like an indulgent experience, or a once-in-a-while treat, but we’ve compiled some key facts about the benefits of a massage that will have you looking at this treatment in a whole new light!

1. Headache Healer

When performed by an experience masseuse, an hour long massage can assist in relieving headaches. Request a head massage with pressure-point application and feel relief from tension headaches all while enjoying some much deserved down time.

2. Stress Lifter

It’s no secret that you’ll leave a massage feeling refreshed and relaxed, but regular massages can assist in stress management over time! Not only will the experience allow you to slow down your mind, but also to reconnect with your body and alleviate stress-related aches and pains and get your body in the best physical form to handle stress.

3. Exercise Enhancer

If you’re regularly at the gym, out running or have a job with frequent physical activity, a massage will assist in easing up any knots in your muscles, increasing your flexibility and improving your circulation. So as you schedule your workouts, don’t forget to lock in some time for an at-home massage from LUXit.

4. Insomnia Fighter

If sleepless nights are a common occurrence, you might find that a massage will set you up for a better sleep pattern. A relaxing massage will encourage your body to produce serotonin (the chemical your body releases when it’s time to sleep), and so this can help assist your body to fall asleep easily and stay asleep longer. LUXit massage therapists can visit you at home up until 9pm at night, so you can roll straight into bed after your experience and sleep soundly!

Which type of massage is your favourite? Let us know!


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