Meet The LUXit Partner: Jules Cachia

This week’s LUXit Partner feature is the exceptional Jules, a talented makeup artist and spray tanner, sharing with us all things beauty. Check out her interview below!


1. What is your current favourite beauty trend?

Skin to look like skin! I love fresh (dewy or matte) skin. It’s one of my favourite things to create on a client and in the past my nickname has been ‘the skin queen’. Whether it is night or day, #skinlookslikeskin is in.

I am also loving that bronze tones are back in, whether it’s the beach look, cool and fresh or night time smokey and sultry, I love a bronzed eye!


Photo credit: Marie Claire

2. How has LUXit changed the way you work?

It has made me even more passionate about what I love to do. To make a difference to people’s lives is a rare and beautiful thing! LUXit has given freelance artists (people like me) and clientele they freedom to accept a job or book a service at the tap of their finger. I am thrilled that I can be part of a community that is so dedicated to empowering individuals to feel and look their best.


3. Please name your top 3 makeup bag essentials.

1. Lip Balm with SPF – also perfect for taming eyebrows
2. Concealer – can also work as a foundation if need be
3. Hand cream – there is nothing worse than the feeling of dry or raw hands


4. Favourite beauty service to receive and why? 

Besides a spray tan, blowdry! Being a makeup and spray tan artist, I have the ‘beauty & colour’ side covered. I became addicted to blowdrys when I first had my little girl and I was bought a voucher for ’10 blowdrys’, best gift ever. I love the feeling of fresh bouncy hair, there is nothing better (besides a spray tan of course)!


5. What is one word to describe yourself, and one word to describe LUXit?

Myself – Passionate
LUXit – The Future (I’m a rule breaker!)


6. Please finish this sentence, “Luxury is…”

Luxury is whatever you want it to be.


Look out for our continued series of LUXit Partner interviews, with more insider tips from our experts.



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