Meet The LUXit Partner: Jaimee Leigh Curtis

Luxit, Thank you to the talented Jaimee Leigh Curtis for joining us this week as our featured LUXit Partner. Jaimee Leigh is an accomplished makeup artist with extensive experience as a creative and a trainer and we are excited to share with you her insider knowledge!


Source: Jaimee Leigh Curtis

1. What is your current favourite beauty trend?

My favourite beauty trend definitely highlighting or, as you might have seen around, strobing! There are so many amazing highlights on the market currently, my favourite right now is the the MAC Extra Dimension Skin finish. Allowing the skin to radiate and glow is never a bad thing.

2. How has LUXit changed the way you work?

LUXit has opened me up an even wider range of clients. It’s amazing to meet and work with new clients and add the gift of beauty to their world.
3. Please name your top 3 makeup bag essentials.
A Brow Pencil: If I could only wear one thing it would be my favourite brow pencil to fill in and shape my brows.
Mascara: Mascara is a beautiful frame for all eyes. If you do nothing else to your face mascara is must!
BB Cream: Treating your skin to a beautiful BB Cream gives your skin a radiant glow and is the most healthy way to maintain radiant looking skin. INIKA BB Cream is amazing and something I use most days.
4. What is your favourite beauty service to receive and why? 
I love a massage, its the ultimate way to relax and be present in your body.
5. What is one word to describe yourself, and one word to describe LUXit?
Me: Passionate.
LUXit: Game-changer is that one word.
6. Please finish this sentence, “Luxury is..”

Luxury is anything that makes you feel special. It can be simple, it can be a walk on the beach, lighting a candle, or taking a bath. I think luxury doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive.

Thankyou Jaimee Leigh for your insights, and stay tuned for more LUXit Partner interviews next week.


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