LUXit Insider: Celebrity Beauty Routines

Looking camera-ready 24/7 doesn’t happen overnight, and we’ve got the insider scoop on the beauty routines for some of our favourite celebrities to share with you.


Source: West Wing Wiki

Monthly Facials

An immaculate face starts with healthy, glowing skin. It doesn’t get more Hollywood than a monthly, bi-monthly (or even weekly!) treatment with a devoted skin specialist, and Candice Swanepoel, Cindy Crawford and Kate Winslet are all fans of a regular facial to improve circulation, target any skin concerns and keep their complexion bright and balanced.

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Source: Victoria’s Secret

La Mer Love

It’s the high-end skincare line that celebrities cannot get enough of – but is it really worth the price tag? La Mer sells itself on it’s “Sea-sourced actives” and a special variation of algae that rejuvenates the skin, with an extensive product line from lip balm to skin concentrates.

Amy Adams, Chrissy Teigen and Nicole Kidman all save a spot in their bathroom cabinet for a whole host of La Mer products, with a crowd favourite being the rich Creme de La Mer moisturiser.


Source: IMDB

On-Call Glow Crew

Rihanna, Denise Richards and Delta Goodrem are devoted to maintaining the perfect golden glow all year round, with a personal spray tanner ready to travel to them at the touch of a button.


Source: David Jones


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What’s the most intriguing celebrity beauty routine you’ve read about? Let us know in the comments below!


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