Just In: LUXit’s Top 3 Most Requested Hair Shades for 2017

If you’re looking to switch up your hair colour and need some inspiration, browse our selection of the top 3 most wanted hair colours so far this year.

Chocolate-Inspired Locks

Rich, deep browns are being frequently requested in salon. Against all skin tones, a flattering brown with plenty of depth is the perfect frame for your face with the benefit of a gentle touch on your hair. You can opt for a tint with a glossy finish for extra shine in all your styles.



Source: Pinterest

Strawberry Strands Forever

Best suited to blondes, a strawberry twist to your hair will add warmth to a pale complexion (like the perfect built-in blush!). Best of all, it’s a gentle, natural-looking change without the commitment of a roaring red.



Source: HairStyle Hub

Blonde & Bold

While we’ve all enjoyed the relaxed balayage approach to lightening up your lengths, it’s now making way for a brighter, more polished blonde. If you already lighten your hair, ask your stylist for extra highlights around your face – and you can still enjoy a soft transition to your natural colour at the roots, but just keep it to less than a quarter of your length and let your blonde take centre stage!



Source: Deadline

What’s your favourite hair colour trend? Will you be making a change this season? Let us know in the comments below!




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