What Does Your Lipstick Choice Say About You?

We swipe it on daily and keep it on hand for touch ups, but what does our lipstick tell us about our personalities? We’ve found out exactly what your favourite shade is saying about you!



Source: Vogue US

Vibrant Red: A crimson pout commands attention, and the wearers are likely confident and passionate about what they want, with no trouble going after it! Red lips are also a classic staple and need to be applied with an experience hand, so if you’re a red lipstick devotee, you’re also a meticulous and disciplined individual!


Source: Vogue US

Your Lips But Better: The ultimate convenient shade, a YLBB shade will enhance your natural pigment but won’t stray too far off the original. A YLBB lipstick wearer is comfortable in their own skin and likes to look polished but not unlike themselves. They are open to connecting with others and embrace their individuality!


Source: Into The Gloss

 Deep Plums, Browns & Purples: The ultimate power shade, a vampy dark lip is loved by creatives across all fields who never hide in the shadows. Unconventional and willing to push boundaries, a dark-lip lover is never concerned about fitting in! Darker shades require a perfectly paired face, so chances are that they are au fait with all things beauty and create their own holy grail product collection with ease.


Source: Vogue US

Nudes: Love a soft nude lip? With honey, peaches or soft-brown tones on your pout you can fit in almost anywhere! The ultimate colour chameleon, you make yourself at home in any situation and are greeted with a warm welcome. Nude lips match perfectly with a smokey eye, so you’re able to transition from a day at work to a night out with ease!


Source: Vogue UK

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What’s your go-to lip colour? Let us know in the comments below!


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