Best In Brows: The Most Flattering Trend Yet

Brows have been the hero feature across social media in 2016, with exaggerated arches and perfectly pencilled hairs taking the spotlight. In 2017, we’ve made way for a new trend in brow grooming that is universally flattering and much easier to maintain. Curious? Read on.


Source: Marie Claire US

Forget impossibly perfect brows with multiple layers of product, 2017 is a return to a softly arched, full (but not fake) brow that embraces your natural hair texture and colour. The runways of 2017 saw brows enhanced but not transformed, allowing finer brows to be showcased along bold arches.

How do you get the 2017 brow? Find the shape that your brows settle into after a wax or threading appointment and use this as your guide. Opt for the most natural product that suits your brow texture – a fine-tipped brow pencil with a slight waxy finish will always make great precision application.



Source: Sugar Brow

Fill in the full parts of your brows in the front and gently work the product upwards, brushing through with a spooly to work the pigment in. Don’t be concerned with creating extra length or a new shape, instead just follow the curve of your brow with a gentle hand.


Source: The Fashion Spot

If you’re concerned with sparse areas, try a brow pomade with a thicker texture or you could opt for a brow enhancing serum to promote hair growth in those areas.


What’s your must-have brow grooming product?  Let us know in the comments below!



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