Meet The LUXit Partner: Tony Marchment

Our latest LUXit Partner spotlight is on our expert hair stylist, men’s groomer and makeup artist Tony Marchment. With an extensive portfolio, Tony is an accomplished, elite creative with a background in fine art. This week, he shares with us his must-haves and more!

1. What is your current favorite beauty trend?

I love a bold matte lip.

2. How has LUXit changed the way you work?

I am able to work smarter and more efficiently. It is such a convenient service provider, I get told “there’s a job here” so I go, I do it, and it’s easy.

3. Please name your top 3 makeup bag essentials.

  1. I’ve really taken to the Colour Pops Liquid Lipsticks in Ultra-Matte and Ultra-Satin.
  2. Waterproof mascara for those occasions the tears are likely.
  3. Brow gel to shape those hairs in the right direction.

But I’m going one step further and tell you my favourite hair styling products.
Redkens Pillow Proof Blowdry Spray, L’Oréals the Next Day Spray & Whitesands Liquid Setting Spray.

4. Favourite beauty or wellbeing service to receive and why? 

For me it’s a scalp massage, but I know full well my clients love a good blowdry. They start to completely relax and nearly fall asleep when I’m doing them. Everyone tells me how relaxed they feel after one!

5. What is one word to describe yourself, and one word to describe LUXit?

Yourself: Cheeky – I can’t help it, it comes with my charismatic nature.
LUXit: Convenient – it really is an easy to use option to have a service done at the location of your choice.

6. Please finish this sentence, “Luxury is…”

Giving yourself the pleasures of comfort & style within the realms of extravagance.


More LUXit Partner interviews coming next week so stay tuned!




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