On Trend: Lash Perms 101 with LUXit Partner Danielle Caruana

Our LUXit Partner and lash expert Danielle joins us this week with a guide to all things lash perms. A lash perm or lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that elevates your lashes to keep them in that “just curled” look for longer.

What is the process of a lash perm?

A full service takes about 50 minutes to an hour – I secure the eyelashes into position and guard the skin around the area, apply the perming solution for around five minutes while checking on the lashes as they process. Then I remove the solution and apply another treatment to rehydrate the lashes and apply a tint to finish – this way you’ve got perfectly lifted and tinted lashes and you’re ready to go!

How long does a lash perm last?

8 – 10 weeks

Who is the ideal candidate for a lash perm?

Anyone who is looking for a simple way to brighten your eyes and enhance what you already have! I often have clients tell me they have short lashes however more often than not they are actually average length but they grow straight so you can’t see the full effect. A lash lift enhances your features and isn’t as time consuming as lash extensions.

What are the benefits of a lash perm?

You’ll save time each morning as you rarely need to add extra mascara, your eyes are opened and brightened and lifted! It’s a great option as well if you’ve always feared using a lash curler on a regular basis.

To book your lash perm with Danielle today, call 1300 724 555 or visit http://www.luxit.me

What’s your favourite lash service? Let us know in the comments below!



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