4 Super Simple Ways To Keep Your Makeup Organised

This blog post was brought to you by our guest writer Alexandra Feiam of MyDeal


Source: Vogue USA

No matter how much makeup you own, it’s always hard to keep it organised. Here are some foolproof tricks to keep your makeup in order, even if you’re the messiest person on Earth.

Sick Of Stacking?

Use a magazine rack to keep all your eyeshadow palettes in the one spot. If you don’t want to stack your palettes on top of each other and run the risk of smashing one of the pigments (worst nightmare), you can grab a magazine rack and slide them in. This is also a great option if you want to weigh up all of your eyeshadow options.

Get Crafty

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can take out a set of drawers and jazz them up a bit. Get out your tools, some jazzy paint or jewels, and make a special set of drawers just for your makeup! If you don’t have any spare drawers around, you can always grab some baskets and decorate those, hanging them up on your wall.

Go Vertical

You can easily store your makeup on a magnetised surface. All you’ll need is a couple of stainless steel metal pans (or even a whiteboard), some pretty fabric, spray adhesive and some magnets. From there, cut the fabric to be a little bit larger than your board, and spray the adhesive, attaching the two together. Grab a screwdriver and your magnets and prise the magnet from its casing, attaching them to your makeup. To do this, use foam double sided tape. Attach the magnet board to your wall surface (you can do this with reusable wall strips) and voila! Your makeup is now in a place where you can reach and keep out of the way.
Class In A Glass

Mason jars are a great and cheap alternative for keeping your brushes in order. They run pretty cheap, and they look good too. You can store multiple mason jars in a row, fill them with small plastic jewels and then place your brushes in. This may sound weird, but the beans are small enough for you to move your brushes around, but large enough to keep them secure and in one spot, so they don’t fall out or get disjointed. The options are endless, and they’re reasonably priced too.


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