LUXit Insider: The History of Skin Care and Cosmetics

By Andreana Patrinos


Source: Vogue Paris

As with most things, skin care and cosmetics have come a long way since their origins. As we delve further and take a trip back into the future, let’s assess just how far society has come. Although we can’t trace a date, using facial decoration to gain attention or intimidate enemies in battle are cultural characteristics that have been practised throughout history- both men and women.

*Walk Like an Egyptian*

The very first archaeological evidence of cosmetics dates to about 6000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. It was a major aspect of their daily culture and incorporated into their mummification process. They used many raw materials in which they’d mix into clay pots which would differ depending on which area of the face they would be applying to.

There has been evidence of these trends used by Ancient Greeks as well as middle and far eastern societies. Although the materials can be noted to be different, some purposes for using cosmetics and makeup have remained the same; enhancing one’s look to improve social standing or impressing and gaining the attention of others.


As we know, however, skin care and cosmetics have come a long way, and will continue to evolve as products do. Today, we see a rise in the use of cosmetics and products, not only has it become a hobby nor a simple ‘rise and shine’ routine that it seemed to be, it has been incorporated into special effects in film and advertising and much more.


Comment below and tell us why you’re thankful that the industry has come thus far!


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