LUXit Insider: Most Common Things to Avoid this Winter

Source: Vogue Australia

By Andreana Patrinos

Winter is an opportunity to bring out bright coloured clothing, lovely boots and all your woollen accessories. But it is also the season for frizzy hair and dry skin. Here’s our go to guide on how to avoid these to maintain the best you all winter long! Here are our 5 best winter beauty tips provided to you from LUXit.



Source: Framed Network

#1: Steamy showers

If the temperature is cooling down those hot showers could be doing a little more damage to your skin than you may realise. The high temperature water will evaporate off your skin once you are out, causing it to dry out. Try turning down the heat as much as you can.


#2: Flaky Foundation

No dry skin acts as a perfect palette for you to paint your face on, it will simply highlight and exaggerate the dry areas. To keep your skin smooth, exfoliate regularly with scrub and add a rich night cream. As noted in the previous post, remember that water doesn’t keep your skin hydrated, look for oils in order to add moisture to your skin. Opt for a creamy liquid foundation during the day for a lovely smooth finish.


#3: Over-bronzing

Over summer and spring, it’s common for us to bronze and shimmer, but as the temperature cools down, we should tone it down too. A little too much bronzer can make your face look dirty or too orange. Look towards lighter tones, and avoid types that won’t match your skin. Find lighter self tanners also, and stick to a natural look.


#4: Rough feet

It is true that winter time is a time for us to stay in and treat ourselves to naps Netflix and lots of Nutella. That way we tend to neglect our feature that need our attention as the winter months creep in. Look towards treating yourself to a pedicure, whether someone else scrubs them for you or you in order to soften your skin and help seal cracks.


#5: The wrong lip balm

Not every lip balm is good lip balm, especially in winter time. We are all aware that our lips are far more sensitive in the winter time! Avoid the waxy lip balms and move away from the scented or ones that taste like your favourite flavour.


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