LUXit Insider: Charcoal Teeth Whitening


By Andreana Patrinos

Facts and recommendations provided to you by LUXit.

It started with one post, now it’s all over my newsfeed. What was once a private habit has slowly but surely led to everyone sharing videos and pictures of themselves online brushing their teeth. But there was something different about it; the stuff they were using was black- activated charcoal- and the beauty world cannot get enough of it right now.


Theory behind the products:

Charcoal has been praised for its cleansing benefits and is rich in natural adhesive qualities which allow it to bind with food and drink that leave stains on your teeth. By applying the product to your teeth, brushing it around and spitting it out, the stains draw out and after multiple uses you will see a noticeable difference in the colour of your teeth. Continued use will help protect against any future ones.


The conclusion and further recommendations:

This just sounds too good to be true and after much research, there is no scientific indication that it actually works. There are better options in the market that work. Dentists have been urging users to continue to use traditional whitening toothpaste for surface stains or over the counter treatment for deeper stains. If you are really looking for natural toothpaste and organic dental care options, do your research and select the best product for you. Ensure you have your dentists approval of the products you use on your teeth- a great smile builds great confidence.


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