LUXit Partner Spotlight: Spray Tan Care 101 with Amy Carter

This week, LUXit Partner, spray tan expert and all-round uber cool creative Amy Carter shares her tips for pre and post tanning care to make the most out of your faux glow.



Try to do this the day before but if you’re going to do it on the day of your tan, attempt to do it 3 hours before you get sprayed.
Spend at least half an hour in the shower using an exfoliating glove to scrub away any dead skin and leftover tan pigment from your last spray tan or self-tanning creams.
After you’ve exfoliated your body (paying special attention to elbows, knees, front of the calves and backs of the arms), shave and dry off.


If you’re doing this routine the night before be sure to use the most nourishing moisturiser you have. I like Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion with Almond Oil when I’m on my “off-tan” tans.


If you’re doing this the night of your tan be sure to avoid all moisturisers, oils, deodorant and perfume.



Work with your skin colour and appreciate your natural tones – don’t aim for a shade that is too deep if you have fair skin. Remember, if you’re fair, don’t go too dark, otherwise your tan won’t last very long.
The quality of the product you use counts, so always remember to ask your technician what they are using.

I work primarily with Black Magic – which contains all-organic DHA and is scent free. I mainly use a violet base solution which is especially great for fairer skin as it doesn’t leave any kind of undesired orange tones.



The most important rule to follow when you have your tan on is not to use any oil based products (this includes coconut oil). Oil will strip your tan so try to avoid it if you can.


After washing off your tan with a light body wash, moisturise as soon as possible (REMEMBER, oil free). I recommend Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion or Palmers Coco Butter.
There is absolutely no question that you should be moisturising twice a day, morning and night. If you do this, I can promise your tan will fade beautifully and you won’t be stuck with those horrible patchy areas that we all know too well.
Be aware that your tan will adhere to the skin differently depending on your hormones (especially relevant for women) – be mindful of your menstrual cycle when you’re planning to tan as you skin can sometimes become dryer.
Whenever possible, allow for one day in between your exfoliating where your skin can breathe before you apply a new layer of tan.

If you’d like to book Amy for a flawless spray tan from the comfort of home, please call LUXit on 1300 724 555.

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