Damn Straight! Sleek and Chic Straight Hair is Back.


Plug in your GHD and tame your baby hairs because straight hair is making a comeback!


Beachy waves and bed hair are taking a backseat as straight hair a la Cher has been seen everywhere on the Spring/Summer runways for 2018.

What we love about this trend is its versatility, it can be rocked by most hair lengths and takes on a diverse range of styles from a sleek high pony, to a chin-length lob, or a long slicked back tresses. It adds elegance and glamour to any occasion be it a cocktail party, running errands or date night, making you look just that bit more dressed up.

This look has emerged from a recent nostalgia for trends popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, that has taken the fashion and beauty worlds by storm. (Think lipgloss and low cut

jeans!) However, one main difference between the 90’s look and its current reboot is that the former has an emphasis on hair with a shiny finish and a silk-like texture. This is a move forward from flat, damaged and singed hair of yesterday caused by excessive flat ironing. That’s because these looks that you are seeing everywhere are achieved with more than just turning your flat iron to its maximum heat setting.

It’s all about putting protein and moisture into the hair, to keep it hydrated and to promote shine by creating a  protective barrier from external factors such as heat.  Keratin treatments also known as a “Brazilian blowout” are one of the most popular and effective ways to seal moisture within the hairs cuticle and eliminate frizz.

What is it?

Keratin is a smoothing service that adds protein via a process that takes around half an hour and eradicates all frizz and brittleness, it a procedure done to obtain long-term results think up to three months- keep in mind for three days after the treatment no moisture is allowed to touch your hair. If you’re interested in reading more about the process and benefits of keratin treatments read here.

If you’re not sure that you’re ready to commit long-term to a look and would rather just experiment, arrange to see a LUXit hair stylist who can deliver this desired look as part of the down style service available with the LUXit app.

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