Less is More, Embracing Minimalist Beauty for Spring

After what seems like years and years of overdrawn lips, heavy contour and matte foundation, there has been a spring awakening in the beauty industry that is embracing an all natural style of beauty, that celebrates the skin you’re in. A move that is long awaited and originating from Korea and their obsession with skincare.

So you can put away your lip liner and contour kit, as it seems according to the latest runways the next biggest beauty trend for spring is minimalist makeup to create the impression

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 2.38.17 pm
Images via Pinterest

of an effortless natural beauty. The intended look is to have natural looking luminosity radiating from skin that is hydrated, youthful and healthy.


Some of the key looks for this trend are hydrated and dewy skin (also being called ‘glass skin’), softer eyebrows and glossy lips. Yep, that’s right! The 90’s staple the humble lip-gloss is back in a big way, with some models wearing the product on their eyelids and cheekbones to give extra shine. The most common lip-glosses being used are neutrals and baby pink but feel free to experiment with some bold reds and oranges for an extra pop of colour.

Let your eyebrows grow out a little and brush them upwards and across for a more natural, softer shape using the minimum product to fill them in, or talk to a LUXit makeup partner to discuss the best eyebrow shape for your face.

Glass skin can be achieved by maintaining constant hydration and moisturising, and limiting the number of products you use on your face, your best friend for this look is a sheer BB cream, that gives you the right amount of coverage whilst still letting your natural skin shine through.

Constant skin care is a must for this trend, which is all the more reason to treat yourself to a LUXit facial, to ensure your skin is well looked after!

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