Nailing a Red Manicure

Nail trends come and go, from the beautiful and elegant to the downright gimmicky, but one style that has truly stood the test of time is the bright red manicure. Originally made popular by Revlon in the 1930’s red nail polish has since signified class,

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 2.32.12 pm
Images via Pinterest 

sophistication and confidence for the wearer, it’s a look to rock with conviction!

Revlon Red has remained the brands best selling product since the 1950’s, an is considered the original red polish, but there are many equally gorgeous shades available from other renowned brands. For example, Chanel’s Coromandel has a subtle shimmer and red orangey undertones that will compliment olive skin. Nars’ aptly titled Soup Can is a punchy red shade reminiscent of pop art starlets that demands attention, Sally Hansen’s Red-y To Glow is a delicious berry tone with a nourishing formula of argan and Vitamin E to nourish your nail beds.

Still unsure of what shade to pick? An expert LUXit nail technician can assist you with picking your right colour and nail shape to suit your personal preference so you can make a statement. Short on time? LUXit can come to any location convenient to you whether it’s your home or office to deliver you the perfect manicure or pedicure.

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