Choosing a nail shape for your fingers

We’ve all experienced going to get our nails done and being asked: “what shape would you like?”. Often the response would be square or round. The exciting thing about nails is there is more room for being creative than you could imagine. Traditionally, it was all about colours, but now, nail shape is the new trendy way to spice up your nail look.

Long and wide fingers can make a difference in what nail shape would best suit you.

For long and wide fingers, file the nail into a rounded shape and maintain length to elongate and slim the look of your nails. We would recommend an ombre french manicure look which oozes elegance!

For long and slim fingers have your nails filed into a square or square with slightly rounded edges shape. Square nails suit a classic french manicure perfectly adding to your feminine look!

For short and wide fingers we suggest an oval shape as this slim the appearance of your hands.

For short and slim fingers we suggest an oval or almond shape. The difference between the two is an almond shape is tapered at the end, therefore, you’ll see more of a point – this shape looks best on longer nails.

Our recommendation would be to try out different shapes to get a feel of what you like; another hot tip is to check out our past blog posts, which have great tips on how to grow and maintain length and nail health.


Image credit: Daily Sun

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