How to Sparkle Like Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has become living proof that fairy tales exist, and she is renowned for exuding majestic charm. LUXit did some investigating to find her beauty secrets.

Less is More: A Five Minute face

Markle is one of the pioneers of this minimalist makeup movement, never having been one to hide under layers of makeup, she always lets her adorable freckles peek through. As she revealed to Allure, she goes by a rule of a “Five-minute face.” As the name suggests it’s a beauty look that takes less than five minutes to put together. “Its very simple, concealer curled lashes, mascara, ChapStick, and a little bit of blush. That is my favorite kind of look,” she told Allure. The newly appointed Princess chooses to preserve her skin by limiting the number of products she exposes it too, preferring to keep it hydrated and moisturized, which is she how she maintains her signature radiance.

Bright Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul, there are little tricks to spark your eyes up. Meghan always puts a touch of highlight or shimmery eyeshadow in her eye’s inner corners, to reflect light, she also swears by curling her eyelashes and uses a lash serum to make them extra fluttery. Also, avoid harsh lines when applying eyeliner, opt for a brown or grey and gently smudge it.

Become Facially Aware!

Meghan loves facial exercises and facial massages to slow down the aging process, which she credits for her enviable cheekbones being in her words ‘way more sculpted’ These exercises allegedly stimulate collagen production within the skin promoting its elasticity giving a more youthful appearance. They also build up the muscles in the face prolonging the onset of wrinkles.

Here are some examples of facial exercises that she swears by


Image via Nicola Joss

If all else fails.. Smile:

Simple yet effective, her top tip “Smile, everyone looks prettier when they smile.” Meghan’s smile is her best accessory, as it lights up her whole face. Do like Meghan a slap on a smile to show that you are beaming from within, and the best part it doesn’t cost a thing.

Smile. Everyone looks prettier when they smile. And perhaps curl your eyelashes, too – I always think that makes you look more awake.


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